Tuguegarao Barangays

Tuguegarao City is politically subdivided into 49 barangays, headed by elected barangay chairman. Barangay chairman are lected officials that seats as head of the smallest unit of society in the Philippines, the Barangay.

Central Tuguegarao or the Poblacion:
Centro 1 (Pob.)
Centro 2 (Pob.)
Centro 3 (Pob.)
Centro 4 (Pob.)
Centro 5 (Pob.)
Centro 6 (Pob.)
Centro 7 (Pob.)
Centro 8 (Pob.)
Centro 9 (Pob.)
Centro 10 (Pob.)
Centro 11 (Pob.)
Centro 12 (Pob.)

Things to Do in Tuguegarao City

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Tuguegarao, How to get there?

How to get there, by air or road?
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By Land:

Tuguegarao City is about 483 kilometers north of Metro Manila. The total travel time from Manila to Tuguegarao is about 12 hours by bus and passenger vans, though you can reach Tuguegarao via SCTEX and via Roxas for about 8-10 hours depending how many times you visit some stopovers along your way to Tuguegarao.

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